Fire department donates 2000 euro to sankt-veits-chapel

fire department donates 2000 euro to sankt-veits-chapel

"Honoring god, defending others" is the motto of all fire departments. The members of the dittersbrunn-straublingshof volunteer fire department proved that this is no empty phrase. Not only is the small but very fine local fire department located below the ansberg very well positioned and very well trained: the floriansjunger also handed over a large donation for the upkeep of their pretty house church, the saint vitus chapel, in the midst of the largest closed linden wreath in europe.
In his annual report, commander stefan batz made it clear that the small fire department is much more than "just" a fire brigade a firefighting force. In fact, it became clear that the association is an important cultural support in the two towns. The winter barbecue, for example, to which the singing public is invited and which is hosted by a different family each year, is a great social event every time. The fire department also organizes the johannisfeuer on the veitsberg summit and sets up a maypole. Every year, the defense department also participates in the carnival parades through the kellbachgrund and in ebensfeld. A social highlight is the
family outing organized by franziska lochmann.

Trained and educated

In addition, nine drills were held last year, and there was also a training evening at the geratehaus. One of the highlights was the joint fire brigade meeting with siren alerting of the fire brigades dittersbrunn-straublingshof, prachting and kummel in april. The three fire departments then proved their very good level of performance at the joint performance test in july: two groups mastered this with flying colors, with one participant from kummel, five from prachting and eight from dittersbrunn-straublingshof.
Commander stefan batz was very satisfied with his firefighters. At the turn of the year, the active members of the fire brigade numbered eight ladies and 17 men. The fire department also has seven passive members and 13 children ("loschzwerge").
At the st. John's bonfire, according to commander stefan batz, a profit of 2000 euros was made. This was handed over by association chairman winfried lieb and deputy chairman albin gunzelmann to church administrator bernhard engert amidst loud applause.
With a handshake, commander stefan batz accepted holger gunzelmann as a new active member of the fire brigade. Then he informed about the dates of the year. Already on 25. February a training takes place in the geratehaus, the maypole is set up on the 30. April and the st. John's bonfire on the ansberg on 30 april. June ignited. The family outing is planned for the 2. September scheduled.

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