Dry yeast: you can buy it here

Dry yeast: you can buy it here

Among other staple foods, bread is apparently gaining in popularity. In many supermarkets, yeast – along with flour – is still a commodity in high demand. Where you can get yeast now, what the difference is between fresh yeast and dry yeast and how you can make your own yeast, we will explain to you in the following.

Corona crisis: "yeast is already the next toilet paper"

Due to the corona crisis and its exit restrictions, a large part of the german population spends a lot of time at home. Self-sufficiency in times of crisis plays a major role for many people, which is why bread baking is very popular at the moment.

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"Consumers are taking the current situation as an opportunity to do more of their own cooking and baking again", said markus weck, managing director of the association of "manufacturers of culinary foods, the german press agency. But yeast can hardly be dispensed with.

If you now feel like firing up the oven, here is a simple recipe for a classic french farmhouse bread.

But if you wander through the supermarkets at the moment, you will see that in many branches an important baking ingredient is completely sold out. "Yeast is already the next toilet paper", says an edeka manager in an interview with the suddeutsche zeitung newspaper.

Yeast supply secured despite hamster shopping

Not only fresh yeast but also dry yeast is affected by the hamster purchases. Dry yeast is now almost impossible to find on the shelves, and fresh yeast only with a lot of luck.

Despite buying hamsters in view of the coronavirus crisis, the supply of yeast in germany is assured, according to the responsible association. Contrary to some fears, "concerns about the availability of yeast as a baking ingredient are unfounded", announced the "german association of the yeast industry" in bonn with. Although hamster purchases are currently putting a strain on the supply chain, the supply of yeast for private households is also secure," said the german association of dry yeast producers."

Yeast on the bestseller list at amazon

Even if it may seem strange to order food on the internet: many people have resorted to the online service provider amazon in order to still get their hands on yeast. Yeast products are now on the bestseller list there. These are the most popular yeast products on amazon:

Bestseller number one is the mr. Brown dry yeast*: yeast from germany for 11,95 euro. With this proud price you get 100 grams of dry yeast, which is produced in germany and bottled in bavaria. It is free from animal ingredients.

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Fortune bakery dry yeast from france* for 8.99 euro: with this dry yeast value pack you get 500 grams of yeast and get a food without preservatives or animal ingredients. In addition, it is currently because of the hamster purchases in germany much more favorable than the german products.

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Fresh yeast vs. Dry yeast: what is the difference?

Yeast can be used for baking both savory and savory foods. Whether bread dough, pizza dough or cake dough: yeast can be used in many ways. But what exactly is yeast anyway?? Yeast is a cooking and leavening agent that consists of yeast fungi. Yeast fungi are unicellular fungi that reproduce by sprouting or fission.

Fresh yeast consists of about ten billion yeast cells and about 30 percent water. Dry yeast has been deprived of this water. Nevertheless, both fresh and dry yeast consist of living cells. Dry yeast has one major advantage over fresh yeast: shelf life. Both types of yeast should be stored refrigerated, but in contrast to the twelve-day shelf life of fresh yeast, dry yeast can even be frozen without losing its leavening properties.

Dry yeast was developed for warm countries. Two packets of dry yeast, each weighing seven grams, correspond to the same driving force as one cube of fresh yeast. A second advantage of dry yeast is that its powder form makes it much easier to dispense.

Making your own yeast is easy


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