Dgb denounces high rents

Dgb denounces high rents

"In many cities, employees have to pay 40 or even up to 50 percent of their disposable income for rent – that’s just not on. Housing must not be a luxury," board member stefan korzell told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung". He referred to a new study by the humboldt university commissioned by the trade union-affiliated hans-bockler foundation, which will be presented this monday.

According to the study, a good one million households with around 1.6 million people in 77 major cities surveyed have to spend more than half their income on rent. "After deducting rent payments, around 1.3 million urban households have only a residual income that is below the hartz IV standard rate," the authors state.

Korzell demanded that the rent brake be tightened in favor of tenants. "Sanctions must be included in the law to punish violations by landlords."The trade unionist also advocated a legal right to rent information. "Anyone who wants to rent an apartment must be able to find out from the landlord how much was previously paid for the apartment."

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