Dfl on the last tv rate: no contractual agreement

Dfl on the last tv rate: no contractual agreement

"The #DFL is in talks with all media partners," the DFL tweeted. There is "still no contractually fixed agreement" with the pay-TV broadcaster sky, it said.

Bild" had reported on an agreement between DFL and sky, according to which slightly less money would be paid, but earlier than agreed. According to the report, ARD and ZDF are also ready to pay their next installment, although the bundesliga and the 2nd bundesliga are not in operation. League until at least 30. April is suspended and it is unclear if and when the season can be played to completion due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the "bild" reported, the last sky rate had actually already ended on 10. April should be received by the DFL. According to a report in "kicker," the rights holders had not yet transferred the total of 304 million euros. The new payment date for the 36 clubs is 2 january. May had been agreed. Without the payment to the DFL, 13 clubs, including four bundesliga clubs, face insolvency within the next two weeks in may and june, according to "kicker".

On 23. In april, the DFL and the bundesliga clubs will decide how to proceed. Professional soccer is still hoping to extend the season with the help of ghost games until 30 september. June to end. At stake are some 750 million euros that would have been missed if the season had been cancelled. So far, the staging of ghost games is not safe, as the federal government and the lander agreed on wednesday to extend the ban on coarse events until at least 31. August agreed.

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