City of bielefeld states: bielefeld exists

City of bielefeld states: bielefeld exists

"We are saying goodbye to the mar, that we do not exist at all", said oberburg master pit clausen. Therefore, a 600 kilo memorial stone has now been placed in the old town. The findling is to commemorate the end of the "bielefeld conspiracy. Because: "they don’t exist" – unlike the city itself.

With the marketing campaign, the city had wanted to draw a line under the repeatedly flared-up conspiracy theory that the city had never really existed. It goes back to a satirical text that appeared on the internet 25 years ago. The joke "there’s no such thing as bielefeld" has become a perennial favorite with bielefelders whenever they talk about their hometown.

The marketing department caused a stir in august with its self-deprecating million-euro offer. The hashtag #bielefeldmillion spread like wildfire, and international media also picked up on the story.

About 2000 people took part in the contest, according to the creators. With scientific papers, children’s pictures, comics or historical maps they tried to prove bielefeld’s non-existence. 350 entries came from abroad.

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