Arson in the jva in kronach: defendant probably mentally ill

arson in the jva in kronach: defendant probably mentally ill

It was a blackout. He was not himself, had been standing next to himself. He had been remotely controlled. The sequence was like in a movie. The defendant made these remarks about the fire in the prison in kronach (we reported) in conversation with a psychologist. The 28-year-old must stand trial before the coburg regional court on charges of aggravated arson and bodily injury. The prosecution accuses him of having been. August 2018 to have set a fire in his cell.

On monday (15. July) an officer of the criminal police reported to the court on the questioning of the defendant immediately after the fire. Two interrogations had taken place, both times the crime had been denied. Shortly after the second interrogation, however, the 28-year-old approached the police officer and confessed. In the course of the investigation, however, he claims to have made the confession only at the police's urging.

Fire was probably escape attempt

"He put his cellmates' lives in absolute danger", said the criminal investigator. The prisoners' luck had been the fully screened toilet area. He had prevented toxic fumes from entering the cell. All four prisoners would not have survived the fire if it hadn't been for the tightly sealed toilet room, the official suspects.

Dishonored mattress

In addition, on the third day of the trial, the court heard several witnesses to an incident that occurred in july of last year. A mattress was set on fire at nurnberg correctional facility. At the time, the cell was occupied by the defendant and two other prisoners. One prisoner suffered charred hair and injuries to both hands from the light fire.

"It was not possible to determine who set fire to the mattress", A prison official from nurnberg stated. None of the cell inmates could say anything about the cause of the fire either. All of them stated that they had been asleep and only woke up because of the smoke. Who is responsible for the inflamed mattress remains unclear to this day.

In august of last year, a hearing was held in kronach to decide whether to release the defendant early from prison. The hesse native was serving a nine-month sentence in kronach for theft at the time. "He was very optimistic", the prison psychologist in kronach described his state of mind. However, the presiding judge did not rule in his favor.

"This was probably the decisive impulse, the psychological expert suspects. The refusal of early release was only a few days before the fire. At the end of the trial day, the specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy writes that the defendant suffers from a "personality disorder of severe severity to. The expert explained in detail the "unstable personality core" of the accused.

Search for attention

He says his childhood already contributed to this development, during which he experienced massive violence at the hands of his father. In the meantime, he has had no contact with him for ten years and feels "abandoned. The accused also had to cope with numerous experiences of loss – deceased relatives and friends, the loss of his girlfriend's unborn child.

Because of the personality disorder, the 28-year-old is always looking for attention. Cuts and hamatomas, often of questionable origin, led to countless visits to the defendant's doctor. Damage and defilement of prison property, swallowing razor blades and several escape attempts were mentioned as further behavioral incidents.

"If the illness is not treated and the previous detention structures are continued, there is a very high probability that further similar punitive actions will occur.", sums up the psychological expert. The trial is scheduled for wednesday (17. July) continued. Then the sentence is pronounced.

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