4000 Km “pedaled

4000 km

The community part maineck stood on sunday completely in the indication of the bicycle sport. The reason for this was the mountain festival of the RV viktoria and the associated district hike.

First, everyone gathered for a service in the curacy church. Afterwards, the idyllically located radlerheim was the center of attention, where many preferred to linger outdoors in the splendid summer weather. Since this event was also connected with a district hiking tour, the clubs rolled up at noon without any problems. They were all buried by the chairwoman of the cycling club, sonja baumann. After this outing was also rated, the afternoon received the most attention; especially who would ultimately be the most successful, because after all, almost 90 participants, including 15 youths, from eight clubs had come to maineck.

Before that mayor robert hummer brought the pit to the community. Then it hit for the district hiking warden ingo sesselmann eagerly calculate. Since a large part of the cycling friends from altenkunstadt was at the same time at a camp in the fichtelgebirge, there was naturally tension, whether the "neighboring club" would succeed in spite of all again succeeded to start with the strongest team. It was a very close decision in the end, but the RVC altenkunstadt had 22 cyclists and won the "most prize", proudly received by chairman hans-werner schuster. The longest journey was made by the cycling friends of bavaria schorkendorf with 63 kilometers and they were awarded the "farthest prize" excellent. The youth prize went to the cycling club of stetten. All the successful teams won trophies and the youngest teams received prizes in kind.

In summary, district hiking director ingo sesselmann was able to announce that everyone had cycled a total of 4092 kilometers, which was once again a proud number. He also thanked the maineck cycling club with its chairwoman sonja baumann and all board members, who had again organized the mountain festival and the district hiking tour impeccably.

At the same time there were bike skill competitions for the young riders, which were won by nils voll and jannick pulse. In a convivial atmosphere this event ended harmoniously.

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