Who is knocking down the pulpits in forchheim at night??

The jagers were already a little forewarned by the incidents in kunreuth and mittelehrenbach. Now gerhard kaul also found his hunting stand wantonly destroyed.

The pulpit was overturned and lying in the meadow when the weingartser district manager went to the hunting stand in the meadow between kunreuth and weigarts on monday. "The pulpit was lying in the grass. You can see that the shoots and the supporting pillars have been cut, the roof has also been damaged", explains kaul. He reported the incident to the police in forchheim together with the other precinct heads. Now the criminal investigation department in bamberg is investigating.

"It is already dangerous when the hunter goes up and falls without thinking. He can be seriously injured", explains alexander czech, press spokesman for the police in upper franconia.

The material damage amounts to up to several hundred euros, if the whole high seat is damaged. The latest pulpit outrage probably happened between corpus christi and the following monday. "On fronleichnam it was still standing", FEMALE CAUL.

Not a single act

Already one week before high stands of the hunters had been vandalized. In mittelehrenbach, the roofs of two pulpits were removed, and in one pulpit in kunreuth, the shoots were cut in.

"It’s a very bad thing, because if we go out early, you can’t see anything", declares kaul. What could happen if the jager climbs on these sabotaged shoots, everyone can imagine. Who the perpetrator or perpetrators are, the hunting district managers can only assume. "In any case, it was not a practical joke. There was a premeditated approach", declares kaul.

"It must have been done with a hand saw, because they are very fine spans", says the master carpenter. Above all, the person must know a little the habits of the jager. "The bad weather was probably taken advantage of", kaul explains why the sabotage probably happened in the dammerung of the rainy days, when the perpetrator felt safe.

"That can’t be overturned in half a minute", says kaul. Normally, the danger of encountering a hunter is rather high in the damming area. For the hunters, it is obvious that these are people who do not agree with the fact that hunters are pushing the animals.

"There are always those who are not well disposed to us. But it is the first time in this rough order", kaul emphasizes. He and his hunting colleagues would prefer it if opponents of hunting seek open discussion.

Offer of cooperation

"In any case, the hunters try to cooperate with other nature users", says kaul. They can also agree with the many riders who are on the road. "But the exclusively negative image of the man who absolutely wanted to push", the jagers don’t like it.

"We are obliged to comply with the shooting", explains kaul. Especially as far as the wild boars are concerned. And to 90 percent this pulpit was set up in kaul’s hunting ground near the creek for hunting wild boar. Water and corn nearby, where the sows feel comfortable. Just behind them one is day and night after. However, the profession of a hunter should not be associated only with shooting and driving hunts.

Game management in the foreground

"At the moment there is more game care. We are not on the road to push, but are currently busy saving kitze with the drone", kaul describes. Only recently the hunters saved three kittens from being mowed down again. As far as the pushing is concerned, there are state requirements with the shooting numbers that the hunter has to meet. "We don’t push more than what the state says we should", affirms kaul.

Shooting takes place

What would happen if the hunters did not comply?? "Then a professional hunter comes and shoves. They have to report the shot game and we, the hunters, have to pay them", kaul explains.

The hunters are also sensitized at the moment and are keeping a close eye on their hunting grounds. The police would be grateful for any tips. If something seems strange, if it is obviously not a walker but someone is deliberately or conspicuously tampering with the hunter’s stands, the police inspection in forchheim or, in an acute case, the 110 should be dialed, informs czech.

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