Trump reportedly only announced iran nuclear deal because of obama

Trump reportedly only announced iran nuclear deal because of obama

According to a media report, u.S. President donald trump unilaterally announced the nuclear deal with iran, primarily for personal reasons, to spite his predecessor barack obama.

The mail on sunday newspaper on sunday republished details of confidential dispatches from the now resigned british ambassador to washington. In it, ambassador kim darroch wrote that the pullout was an act of "diplomatic vandalism".

The 2015 vienna nuclear agreement was intended to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. In turn, sanctions and trade barriers of the west should fall. The nuclear agreement is considered one of the most important, though also one of the most controversial international agreements during the presidency of trump’s predecessor barack obama.

Trump then unilaterally announced the U.S. Withdrawal from the agreement in may 2018. The U.S. Government tightened its sanctions to force the leadership in tehran to conclude a new agreement with tougher conditions. As a reaction, iran no longer complies with all the requirements.

Publication of excerpts from confidential ambassadorial emails is highly controversial in the uk. Scotland yard has started an investigation to find out who leaked the ambassador’s letters to the press. At the same time, the police issued a warning: further disclosure of the confidential documents could constitute a criminal offense. The "mail on sunday", however, beat this to the wind.

The two candidates in the race for the office of conservative party leader and british prime minister, boris johnson and jeremy hunt, threw themselves into the breach for freedom of the press. "It can’t be right that newspapers or any other media organizations that publish such material are subject to prosecution," johnson said on saturday.

Disclosures about darroch’s ambassadorial dispatches in the mail had triggered a diplomatic exchange between washington and london last week. U.S. President donald trump called the british ambassador a "stupid guy" and a "pompous jerk," among other things, and called off cooperation because he had called the U.S. Government "incompetent" in his emails. Darroch then took his leave.

Ex-pean minister boris johnson came under fire for not standing clearly behind the ambassador during a tv debate. He was forced to admit in a BBC interview on friday that his exaggerations played a role in the ambassador’s resignation, but insisted he had been misquoted.

At the same time, johnson revealed gross gaps in knowledge about his brexit plan. Johnson wants UK to leave on 31. October from the EU, "come what may.". If the EU does not respond to johnson’s demands for changes to the brexit agreement by then, he intends to leave the community of states without a deal if necessary.

Johnson claims negative consequences of a no-deal brexit for the economy could then be overcome using a provision from the general agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) – an international treaty that laid the foundation for the world trade organization (WTO).

Then the same trade rules as before could simply apply until a new free trade agreement was concluded, johnson said. Customs are abundant. But just weeks ago, he couldn’t even name the exact provision from the agreement.

In an interview with BBC presenter andrew neil on friday, johnson now put much emphasis on article 24, paragraph 5 b of the GATT agreement. When neil asked if he knew what was in paragraph 5c, johnson had to answer in the negative.

In it, neil lectured him, "you not only need the agreement of the EU, but you also need to agree on the outline of a future trade agreement and the timetable to achieve that.". Why, if johnson would not even commit to the already agreed terms of withdrawal, should brussel go along with it, asked neil. Johnson had no convincing answer to this question.

Despite his frequent missteps, it is considered all but a foregone conclusion that the former london mayor will remain in office until 23. July from the 160 or so.000 tory members to be crowned party leader and thus prime minister by brieahl. Whether johnson’s weak performance in the tv interview or his tactics in connection with the ambassador leaks could have made a difference depends on how many party members have already sent in their letters.

A poll by the conservative website "conservative home" suggests that more than two-thirds have already done so. With this, the chances for aubenminister jeremy hunt, who is running against johnson, were passe. But according to media reports in recent days, the tory members could have taken more time to make their decision. According to the report, only less than half of the documents have been received so far.

Johnson and hunt are touring the country until next wednesday to present their policy ideas to the party base at regional conferences. There was a sign that the mood could be changing on friday evening in cheltenham, southwest england. When johnson, as he so often does, tried to slur his way around a difficult question, a man from the audience shouted at him, "answer the damn question!" – and got rough applause for it.

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