Thieves don’t have it easy in kulmbach

Thieves don't have it easy in kulmbach

Case 1: "it was blod by me", affirmed a 62-year-old defendant. On 12. July this year she stole tobacco and sausage worth ten euros in a supermarket. The reason she gave for her crime was the need for money. Since her husband was in an old people’s home, the back and front of the house had been lacking.

"I saw her go to the cash register, put the merchandise in her bag and leave the store", the store detective who was called as a witness explained.
The defendant was sentenced by judge tettmann to a fine of 20 daily sentences of ten euros each.

Case 2: a 52-year-old woman loved on 11. August 2017 in a supermarket, in addition to sub cigarettes, several cosmetic items were also stolen. She was also carrying two pocket knives and an animal repellent spray, which is why she was also charged with theft with weapons. "I never wanted to hurt anyone", testified the defendant, who confessed to the crime. Since her husband had cancer and was unable to work, the money was not enough.

She had also been observed by a detective.Because the 52-year-old had a criminal record for theft, katja ohnemuller, representing the prosecution, demanded six months’ imprisonment, suspended for three years on probation. In addition, the defendant had to perform 80 hours of community service. The judge agreed with the prosecution in her verdict. The 52-year-old has to work 80 hours for the club.

Case 3: again a supermarket was the crime scene. A 28 year old woman had on 25. July of this year, she stole food and medicines worth 25 euros. "I don’t know why I did it", said the defendant, who confessed to the crime.

"When I confronted her, she unpacked all the stolen objects", said the store detective who had previously observed the theft.
Judge sieglinde tettmann sentenced the defendant to a fine of 40 daily sentences of 30 euros each.

Case 4: "i know it was wrong", also affirmed a 32-year-old who was also charged with theft. He admitted, on 3. May 2017 in a supermarket to have stolen five batteries from a 24-pack. He wanted to use it for the electric grave light of his deceased mother, he stated. "I didn’t see any cheaper ones, there were only the expensive ones", said the defendant, who did not have that much cash on him. He, too, had been watched by a detective.

Because of several previous convictions, katja ohnemuller demanded a prison sentence of three months, suspended for three years on probation, and a fine of 300 euros . This was also the verdict of judge sieglinde tettmann. The money must be paid by the convicted person to the "geschwister-gummi-stiftung".

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