Strengthened for life and work with the “new start for women” course

The course "new start for women – back to work with success" has now established itself in coburg and was already a real success for many women in previous years. The project is aimed at women of all ages who, for a variety of reasons, want to find a new orientation or further development for their lives, according to a press release from the city of coburg.

The course "a new start for women makes it possible to look at one’s own current situation, to become aware of one’s abilities and strengths, and to answer the question: what are my goals, where do I want to go?? The participants reported that they felt better, had gathered the courage to try something new, felt more self-confident and were ready to implement their current goals in a concrete and active way. "It was only thanks to this course and the constant encouragement from the course instructor that i dared to look for an internship and now train to become a nursing assistant", said one of the participants in the previous course.

Start in september

For the next course, which starts in september, the leadership will again be in the experienced hands of petra vinzelberg, who is responsible for the success of the course due to her high professionalism and personal commitment. This is also a major concern for the initiators of the course, the opportunities officers of the agency for work, the jobcenter city and county of coburg, the multigenerational house coburg and the two equal opportunities officers county and city of coburg.

The wide-ranging content and the three-week internship offer participants comprehensive information, support, networking opportunities and new scope for action. At the beginning of the course, the participants will take stock of their lives. In the daily course content, many topics are worked on for personal development such as self-confidence, motivation, social skills, communication, goal definition and time management. The women also receive technical input such as job application training, computer training and legal aspects of pensions, maintenance and finances.

The special features of the course are the practical testing in a three-week orientation internship and the individual supervision by the course instructor.

Two information sessions

The project is being funded by the bavarian state ministry of labor and social affairs, family and women. Course starts on 17. September 2019. Information will be provided at an information event on thursday, 11 a.M. July, at 9 a.M. At the jobcenter coburg land, wilhelm-rub-strabe 3, 1. Floor, room 416, and on friday, 2. August, at 2 p.M. At the agency fur arbeit, kanonenweg 25, meeting room 203b. Applications for the course will be accepted until 15. August to [email protected] agency.De requested

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