Steamed joy

Steamed joy

You mean well for the little furry one and that’s why you have chosen an all-inclusive vacation accommodation for him for one week. Paradise as far as the dog’s eye can see: a rough garden that invites only to romp and throw sticks, and on top even a dog pool. The fact that it is only a garden pond with stinking muddy mud, interests at most the vacation mistress, which must swing in the dog holiday week quite often the cleaning rag.

Already at the parting I am overcome by the pain of separation, paired with the thoughts, whether the fur nose will really feel well and above all behave well. Thanks to modern technology, the dog’s mistress regularly lets us know via whatsapp that she’s keeping her vacation mistress on her toes and is feeling great. Nevertheless, the longing was rough and even rougher was the joy of reunion. At least on my part.

Because the dog lady quickly let me know that she did not agree to spend the vacation without her. She skillfully ignored me. Yes, I am sure dogs can be offended!

Obviously she is not resentful. After a short time, she came to me with a well-rehearsed doggy look and got a rough portion of cuddles. Including a promise never to go on vacation without her again.

Good that she is not only vindictive but also forgetful!

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