Power line comes through the backdoor?

power line comes through the backdoor?

Just flipped the switch: on the last day of the objection period, the habberge district council in habfurt also came out strongly against the construction of another 380 kv power line, like one already in the main valley, over the habberge mountains. Such a line can be found in the current network development plan under the designation P44 – again! A variant of this P44 could run from altenfeld in thuringia (ilm district) via schalkau to grafenrheinfeld or to the bergrheinfeld substation, whose construction is in the final stage, with a new length of 81 kilometers.

Politicians startled

What has been driving mandatstrager and burghers in the neighboring counties of coburg and lichtenfels in upper franconia to the barricades for months and even to crude protest actions on the streets, has now also made the county administration bright eyed. That's why last week, district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) joined forces with his colleagues in lower franconia, who spoke out against further power lines in the direction of grafenrheinfeld. So with florian topper from schweinfurt. They are supported by the two members of the bundestag dorothee bar and anja weisgerber as well as state deputy steffen vogel (all CSU).

On monday, the county council adopted a resolution against the 380 kv power lines, signed by many mayors from the region. The mayors from maroldsweisach, bundorf, burgpreppach, riedbach, ermershausen and hofheim.

Because: although the route variants still allow many interpretations, only one route is conceivable for michael rahn, the head of the district council's office: along the B 303 as an existing infrastructure facility.

Rahn: "we had to adapt to the situation at relatively short notice, because the route, which had actually already been canceled, now reappeared. The P44 had been taken out after all, and now it's back in again." Therefore one took the resolution at short notice with on the agenda of the circle council meeting, in order "to set a signal".

Not against the resolution, but fundamentally against the policies of the federal and state governments was district councilor rainer baumgartner (odp), who would like to see regional energy production. "We as a district have set up an energy turnaround that had exemplary character, but were not supported by the federal and state government, on the contrary: we were even pushed before the head." He calculated that with a regional energy supply without long lines an electricity price of 20 cents/kilowatt would be conceivable. "But if you support wind farms in the north sea, you will reap gigantic power lines, rainer baumgartner said.

A "hypocrisy of politics", fledged district councilor matthias lewin (bundnis 90/die grunen), as the use of renewable energies is still hampered.

That did not want to let landrat wilhelm schneider so stand. "I reject the hypocrisy. This does not apply to the district policy."

In a further point, the district council dealt with local public transport. A new transport network is to be established for this purpose. The county of habberge looks to the west.

The district of habberge wants to strengthen local public transport and therefore plans to join a transport association. For this purpose a new organization is to be founded, namely the verkehrsverbund mainfranken gmbh. The two cities of schweinfurt and wurzburg and the seven counties of habberge, schweinfurt, rhon-grabfeld, bad kissingen, kitzingen, main-spessart and wurzburg were involved in the project.

There is already a transport association, but it is concentrated in wurzburg. The new organization is the previous association, and now the region main-rhon joins it. To accommodate the new counties of bad kissingen, habberge, schweinfurt, rhon-grabfeld and the city of schweinfurt, the foundation of the new transport association is required.

This is what the habberge district council learned at its meeting on monday afternoon in the district administration office in habfurt. Unanimously, the county council approved the partnership agreement that was presented. "Now it's a matter of building a rough connection", explained the district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU). There is still a long way to go before this works. There is "still a lot of work to be done, said schneider.

The main advantage of such an association is its uniformity. This means that in the interconnected area, a public transport user can travel with one ticket, whether by train or bus.

The same advantage also applies to the nurnberg transport association (VGN), which the district joined on january 1, 2009. January 2018 will join. The fact that the district of habberge wants to be affiliated with both is not a problem, said christopher alm from the schweinfurt district office. He is the designated managing director (one of two managing directors) of the planned mainfranken transport association. In the district council meeting, he emphasized the will of all nine regional corporations to establish this new association and get it up and running.

"We have to go in both directions", the district administrator said about the approach. "We need the connection to the main places", announced county councilman bernhard rub (SPD).

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