Kulmbach district: no talent should be lost!

kulmbach district: no talent should be lost!

With the second dialog forum, the district of kulmbach has taken the last hurdle on the way to becoming an educational region. The education coordinator at the district office, nicole neuber, presented the application process and the working groups also made recommendations for action based on the core statements.

Harald vorleuter, as spokesman for the conference of school supervisors, was very impressed by the presentation and was convinced that the district of kulmbach had a good chance of being awarded the quality seal "education region in bavaria" to be honored. District administrator klaus peter sollner () welcomed, in addition to the heads of the working groups, especially government president heidrun piwernetz and the ministerial representative of the ministry of education, harald vorleuter, who used to be principal at the MGF in kulmbach.

District administrator sollner recalled the kick-off on 5 june. April 2019 with the first dialog forum: "we were not the first in upper franconia, but in the meantime our education coordinator nicole neuber has done a great job. A lot has happened, and around 70 committed citizens have come together in the five working groups and formed various focal points." The aim is to network school and after-school education programs, to open up schools to the region and to help young people in special circumstances.

Here sollner referred to the core principle of the relevant working group: no talent should be lost! This aspect is particularly important in upper franconia. It is also a matter of making sure that civil society remains strong.

The heads of the working groups had done a great job, and the district administrator singled out dean thomas kretschmar in particular, who had presented a chapter on "facing the challenges of demographic change was entrusted. In addition, district administrator sollner also mentioned the other heads of the working groups: school councilor kerstin zapf (organizing and accompanying transitions), nicole neuber (networking school and sub-school educational offerings and carriers), klaus schroder (no talent should be lost) and heike sollner (strengthening and developing a civic society).

Digitally engaged, too

District administrator sollner emphasized that the district of kulmbach has not only set out on the path to becoming an educational region, but also a digital educational region: "this is the topic par excellence, and we have established a sixth working group headed by uwe wagner." The application process to become a digital education region has already been completed, which the district has wagner to thank for.

Government president heidrun piwernetz noted that the district of kulmbach had shown great commitment to the further development of the educational region: "i would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to all those involved." In the district of kulmbach, education has long been a high priority. Piwernetz concluded: "the key to the educational success of our children and young people lies in systematic, cooperative and continuous collaboration and in the shared responsibility of all those involved in education and training."

The working groups then presented their findings and the resulting recommendations for action. Education coordinator nicole neuber presented an education report with around 150 pages. Vorleuter, who is also the spokesman for the conference of school supervisors, briefly described the further course of the procedure for acquiring the "educational region in bavaria" quality seal.

The education report is now being reviewed. Vorleuter was impressed and spoke of "fantastic work" of the individual working groups and also of the education coordinator. The award of the quality seal will also have added value for the district of kulmbach. With a joint decision to submit the application, the documents were then handed over by district administrator sollner to ministerial representative vorleuter for the conference of school supervisors. In a closing speech, district administrator klaus peter sollner gave the go-ahead for the kulmbach digital education atlas.

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