Hartsch wants to pop corks in hoheim

hartsch wants to pop corks in hoheim

In his sixth season, markus hartsch is now responsible as coach for the SV hoheim’s district-class kickers. Half an eternity, considering the ejector seat a soccer coach sometimes sits in. In case of failure, the patience of club officials becomes shorter and shorter. Especially in the professional camp, trainers get this regularly to trace. Their stay at the same club is also becoming shorter and shorter. But even in the world of amateurs, a six-year tenure of a coach is rather the exception.

In this sense, markus hartsch is a representative of a species that has become rare in hoheim. At least for the time being, because it has been clear for about a year that the current season of the 56-year-old will be his last as coach in the kitzingen district. The impetus for this came not from the coach himself, but from the team; no problem for hartsch, as he assures us. In the decision-making process everything had gone perfectly smoothly. "The boys want to hear a different approach, just try something different – maybe with a player coach," reports the coach. That is in order. "Maybe," hartsch says with a smile, "in two years you’ll realize that i was the best trainer after all. Then I come back."

"Maybe in two years you’ll find out that i was the best trainer after all." Markus hartsch, who stops home after the season in hoheim

After a good five years of working together, the relationship between him and the team goes far beyond a normal coach-player relationship. This can be felt when he speaks of his "boys" and the SV hoheim as a rough family. He sees himself as a kind of hostel father, who holds the protecting hand over this family. As such, he wants to get the best out of this season with his proteges. Hartsch’s wish for a fond farewell: the renewed stay in the district class, in which the SV hoheim now plays for the third year in a row. "Then the corks will really pop again," announces the former goalkeeper at a lavish farewell party.

The chances of this happening have increased significantly in recent weeks. Finally, after a poor start to the season, hoheim has been getting back on track, winning three of their last four matches. The highlights were the 4:3 victory over league leaders gelchsheim and the surprisingly clear 4:1 win last sunday in frickenhausen. While his team had countered perfectly at home against gelchsheim, this time the performance at the promoted team was also "really strong" in terms of play, says hartsch about the progress his team has made recently.

These are not without risk, schlieblich offers the coach compared to the start of the season again significantly more personnel alternatives. High performers like jakob sieber, christoph hofmann, lukas furtsch or frank sohnlein have returned bit by bit and are raising the level. This also brings the team closer to the kind of football that the coach ideally envisions. In the style of the legendary gladbach football team of the 1970s, hartsch wants to surprise the opponent from a compact defense with a nimble switching game via the forward lanes or through the center of the field.

"The nice thing is that you immediately saw automatisms again that have been rehearsed over years," says the coach about the return of various regulars. SV hoheim is something "very special. It’s almost a miracle how we’ve managed to do this together for years."Hartsch is referring above all to the limited possibilities in the kitzingen suburb. He says the first team is a lone fighter when it comes to representing the club. Hoheim does not have a reserve or youth department. The few players, who were available, were all the more sworn in for it, played passionately and with heart blood fubball.

These virtues will also be in demand in the next few weeks, when hoheim faces gulchsheim, iphofen and willanzheim – all of whom are currently in the top group of the district division – in succession. The SV may be the outsider in all three parts, "but we’re not afraid," says hartsch with his usual self-confidence. Trust in its "jacks" is rough.

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