Cure for the firefighter “susi

Cure for the firefighter 'susi

“Susi” the vehicle is called, but where this name comes from, nobody knows.
The fire engine LF 15, ordered by the municipality of mainleus in 1942, is now almost as it was delivered by the company klockner-humboldt-deutz AG.
The “susi could tell a lot. For example, that shortly before the american invasion on 5. April was hidden in the woods around mainleus in bayreuth to escape the air raids on what is now the market town of mainleus. That it has already been repaired several times for a lot of money. That it has nevertheless become decrepit and has therefore been decommissioned after 25 years of service.
Nevertheless: "susi" was put on the siding with the radio call name 40/2 still far not. Although no longer included in the alerting plan, the vehicle was used again and again for emergency situations, for traffic safety or as a team transport vehicle.
Now "susis" second spring began, because already for a long time chairman thomas zimmermann carried himself with the thought to restore the vehicle: "after consultation with my comrades we decided full of confidence to restore the car for the 70th anniversary of the fire department. Bringing the birthday back on track. The first inventory showed, however, that the renovation of the vehicle is not so simple, but will require a great deal of time and financial effort. The brakes, air dam, mudguard, pushrod and roof attachments had to be completely replaced. Fortunately, the engine was already overhauled a few years ago.

Over 1000 hours of own work

after consultation with the treasurer of the fire department association, the latter signaled that the financial outlay was bearable. All work was to be carried out by the company itself, with over 1000 hours of voluntary work by the floriansjunger.

More about the restoration and the history of "susi read in the bayerische rundschau.

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